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  • UNO's College of Engineering is home to four academic departments, offering bachelors through doctoral degrees in Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering, as well as Naval Architecture. Also offered is a graduate program in Engineering Management through cooperation with the College of Business Administration.
  • UNO continues to provide valuable opportunities in the pursuit of new knowledge for students in all disciplines of our engineering programs; students from throughout the Greater New Orleans area and state, as well as those from the nation and the world. Your support of the UNO Engineering Forum aids in this mission.
  • The faculty of the College of Engineering is dedicated to the education of the students. The result of this dedication can be seen in practical programs which provide a strong theoretical base and a strong design component that runs throughout the curricula. The UNO Engineering Forum directly benefits students in our programs.

2015 Beginnings

Mark your calendars.  The 2015 Engineering Forum will be on September 11, 2015

While you're waiting, check out the schedule and presentations from 2014 by going to m.uno-ef.org.


See you next year, if not sooner.  :)

2014 Welcome!

 Click on the logo (or go to m.uno-ef.org) to see the interactive schedule!

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 The UNO College of Engineering, in collaboration with Southeast Symposium for Contemporary Engineering Topics (SSCET), is proud to offer the second UNO Engineering Forum (UNO-EF) at the University of New Orleans Research & Technology Park on September 19, 2014. The events will be held concurrently in Lindy C. Boggs Conference Center and offer seven parallel technical tracks providing solutions to contemporary engineering topics in electrical, naval, mechanical, civil & environmental, management, and systems engineering. The seven parallel tracks cover topics in (1) Power Systems (2) Civil/Coastal & Environmental; (3) Mechanical and Naval Architecture; (4) Electrical and Computer; (5) Student Projects; (6) Engineering Management and Systems Engineering Innovation; and (7) Energy and Microelectronics by presenters from participating universities and industries. Participants can earn up to 8 Professional Development Hours.

While 2014 is the second year form establishment of UNO-EF, it also marks the fifth annual SSCET at the UNO R&T Park with a very successful record of bringing together a broad range of industry sponsors, universities represented by students and faculty, practicing engineers and consultants, and UNO Engineering alumni. We anticipate the collaborative effort to surpass our past records measured by the number of sponsors, presentations, student and practicing engineer interactions, exhibitions, and well-known keynote and lunch speakers. The event, which includes breakfast, lunch, coffee breaks and the presentation material, will begin at 8:00 AM with the UNO President, Dr. Peter J. Fos, welcoming the participants, and will end at 4:30 PM.

The UNO College of Engineering will host Forum guests and UNO alumni in the Boggs Center following the UNO-EF at 6:00pm.  The purpose will be to engage and inform all participants regarding the current status and upcoming initiatives on the part of the College. Dean Whitley will be present to provide a brief update, and there will be cocktails and light refreshments available.

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